3 Tips To Stay To Track With Self Care

As a Parent well-being coach, one of the main concerns my clients have is how to stay on track with self-care practices. Taking care of your own emotional well-being can be a bit like going on a diet, at first you feel motivated and when you start to see change, you feel excited but as the days, weeks and months go by it is easy to slip into old habits and subsequently, old jeans.

Here are 3 tips to staying on track and maintaining positive momentum with your self-care.

  1. Remember Why Sef Care is Important 

Having your goal in your mind keeps you motivated. When you make a commitment to actively care for your well-being you have made that decision for a reason, remembering why is vital to avoid losing focus.


  • Write down the type of person/ parent you want to be and why.
  • Reflect on some of the keywords you have used, these could be words like calm, happy or content. Make a list of these separately.
  • Use these words in different ways, two examples are to use them as your passwords or put them up on sticky notes on your fridge. The idea is that they become your trigger words that remind you to stay focused on your goal and continue your practices.
  1. Set Realistic Self-Care Expectations

The problem is that just like dieting, people have a tendency to throw themselves into new practices and routines that are physically hard to maintain long term. As a parent coach I know that it isn’t just my clients motivation that needs considering but their children and environment too.

If you have a baby waking you up all night for feeds, setting yourself a goal of waking up at 5am to do yoga for an hour is just ridiculous and will leave you feeling like an unnecessary failure.


One of the reasons I started The Contented Family is the feeling that all the self-help stuff out there wasn’t aimed at me. As a parent of young children none of it seemed realistic. I pondered if I would be better off not bothering with self-care till they were older.

Now though I understand that I needed it then more than ever and just because I didn’t want to do an hour of yoga at 5am it didn’t mean there weren’t other ways I could find contentment. I just had to work out ways to fit my individual situation.

  1. Get Inspired and Get Supported to Self-Care 

No man is an island, it takes a village to raise a child… heard these before? That’s because they are true. No matter how independent we want to be (singing Beyoncé while doing the housework) we all need a team around us.

This team doesn’t have to be your immediate family or your longest standing friends (although it can be), they just need to be supportive and positive. Some people drain us while others fill us up. Be sure to focus your time and energy in to people that do the later.

I have a very special friend who I have actually only met once at a Fresh Air Friday’s session months ago. We talked about gratitude and the value of daily practice but we also talked about the challenges of maintaining it. As a result, we decided to swap numbers; from that day on (on most days), we have sent each other a message sharing our daily grateful thoughts.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful practices anyone can do to create a contented family and having a friend who is there to support me but also to keep me accountable has made a huge difference in my experience. As a result, despite having only met her in the flesh once, this angel has become such an incredible influence in my life and I hope I have been the same to her.

That day, I didn’t expect that day to find someone who would become part of my ‘team’ and you never know who will show up when you need them, for this reason. it is important that you are open and ready when they do.


Continuously Contented

Inspired by my clients, I am launching a Continuously Contented Club in October to help parents to stay on track and keep up the practices that have such a positive impact on their lives and the lives of those in their family.

Some of the beautiful mamas I coached as part of my summer holidays coaching plan, spoke to me about their concern at stopping the coaching and slipping back into old habits, this is my solution.

When in the club you can get a monthly one-to-one session with me personally, providing you with individual and tailored support for your needs. I will give you the opportunity to reflect on your month and make plans to move forward in a realistic and exciting way.

You will also receive weekly emails, offering you additional support and motivation to stay on track.

I will keep you accountable and inspire you to lead a contented family life.

Your first month is completely FREE and if your not satisfied you can cancel after 30 days, therfore paying nothing. For more details of how to book this free session click here and fill out the form.

Remember you deserve to feel good too.