Dedicated to the staff and pupils of Ferndale Infants School on the eve of its closure.

 15th July 2016

fis 3

A school without children,

Feels empty and cold,

The building still remains,

It’s stories untold.

You can’t measure its worth,

On council spreadsheets,

We fought the cruel closure,

But we faced defeat.

fis 5

Every trace of the kids,

Has had to be moved,

It’s an empty shell,

It’s life source removed.

All the children and staff,

On to pastures new,

The world keeps on turning,  

Everyone will get through.

fis 2

The community, though,

Feels in deep pain,

The echoes of school life,

Will always remain.

Echoes of the laughter,

Of singing and tears,

Of Teachers strict voices,

And comforting fears.


Echoes of the parties,

Of concerts and fates,

Echoes of friendships,

Of staff and classmates.

Now the gates have closed,

And we must depart,

 Echoes forever,

Stay deep in our hearts

fis 4