Today I Lost My Baby



Today I lost my baby,
I watched you walk away,
You’ve no more tears for mummy,
You just wanted to play.


We have been stuck together,
For three long but short years,
A day faced without mummy,
Would’ve caused so many fears.


But now you’re in uniform,
You look so smart and tall,
Its time to let your teacher,
Pick you up when you fall.


My heart swells with love and pride,
As your confidence grows,
But deep down it feels heavy,
The reality it knows,

Today I lost my baby.

The contented Family offers one to one coaching and workshops to empower parents to take back control of their emotions. Stop reacting to your children’s behaviour or any other uncontrollable condition and learn practical mindful tools and techniques which you can use in the everyday madness of motherhood.

Our next workshop, Finding Peace in Parenting is in partnership with Emma Burns Complimentary Therapies and will be held on March 5th in Caerphilly South Wales.

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