How To Change Your World With 6 Simple Words

Life is hard, right?

Life is full of pain, right?

The world is going to shit, right?

Well yes, all these things are true and if you choose repeat and focus these statements you will find no end of evidence to back up this gloomy rhetoric. Despite these truths though for every ounce of pain in the world there is equal joy. So why not focus on that instead.

What if you decided to take a different view on life? What if you could change your life with 6 simple words?

What if you said…

Life. Is. Supposed. To. Be. Fun.

Last week, I was having one of those “at the end of my tether, why won’t my children ever listen to me” moments. In exasperation I put my hands on top of my head, trying desperately not to lose my temper. My two older girls, 3 and 6, stood in front of me. God only knows what they were thinking. Were they wondering what they had done wrong? Were they preparing for the onslaught of angry mummy? Were they thinking how hard life is?


My youngest copied me.

She put her hands on top of her head and laughed.

(The little shit)

I was cross and frustrated but all she could do was laugh at me, was she serious?

Well no she wasn’t and that’s the point. She knew something at that point that I had lost sight of;

Life. Is. Supposed. To. Be. Fun.

So I laughed too. My eldest joined in and soon the baby was laughing as well.

I decided to use this saying as a positive affirmation to see if I could add more fun into my life and handle those challenging mum situations a little better.

A positive affirmation is a statement that you repeat to yourself over and over again. As this article from Phycology Today explains there is a huge amount of evidence to support its positive impact on a person’s well-being. You can say them about any topic, for example students that practice positive affirmations at the beginning of term have been shown to achieve higher results.

I didn’t want to improve my academic success though I simply want to find more fun in my life so could it work?

I repeated it several times a day.

Life. Is. Supposed. To. Be. Fun.

Life. Is. Supposed. To. Be. Fun.

Life. Is. Supposed. To. Be. Fun.


Every emotion we have comes from a thought and we have the power to choose our thoughts. (This was clearly demonstrated in a free kids comic i recently reviewed). The next time I felt one of those mad mummy moments coming on I was able to remember that I wanted to think and feel differently. So I did. Instead of giving my eldest a row for not getting into her PJ’s I started tickling her until she agreed. It may have taken 5 minutes longer to get ready than I would have liked but those were 5 minutes of pure joy which is exactly what the Contented Family Project is all about.

Don’t get me wrong, I have not totally cracked this fun thing yet. Through sleep deprived and frazzled eyes its challenging to convince yourself to have fun. I am determined to stick with it though. The more I practice it the easier the joy will come, that’s the theory anyway!

Now you may argue with me, you may tell me that I am naïve and foolish to think that life is supposed to be fun. You may turn on the news as evidence that life is full of pain. I won’t be able to argue with you because you’re right. In fact, what-ever we believe in is our own truth. What you need to decide is what truth do you want to be yours?

I know what I want.


And I know what I want for my kids.

Try it and let me know what fun you had today.

The contented Family offers one to one coaching and workshops to empower parents to take back control of their emotions. Stop reacting to your children’s behaviour or any other uncontrollable condition and learn practical mindful tools and techniques which you can use in the everyday madness of motherhood.

Our next workshop, Finding Peace in Parenting is in partnership with Emma Burns Complimentary Therapies and will be held on March 5th in Caerphilly South Wales.

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