A Review – Jack Cherry and The Juicer Comic

Beat Bullies, Raise Aspirations and Build Confidence With Jack Cherry’s Free Comic.


I have been asked to review the Jack Cherry and the Juicer comic, a fun and colourful resource available to download for free here along with an activity book and interactive children’s instruction video. The aim of the comic is help beat bullies, raise aspirations and build confidence.  One of my favourite lessons of the comic though is how children (and adults) can manage their own emotions.

The comic is aimed at 7-11 year olds. I read it with a 7 year old, 6 year old, 3 year old and a baby so I will keep this in mind as I review.


The comic follows Jack Cherry and his friends as they search for the meaning of happiness. The key messages of the comic are;

  • Thoughts turn into feelings like fruit is juiced up into juice
  • We can control how good we feel by choosing good thoughts. The same is true for the juicer. We can control how good the juice will taste by choosing only good fruit.
  • When people are horrible to us they are trying to put bad thoughts / bad fruit into our juicer. We can stop them by putting the lid on!
  • When we think bad thoughts, bad things seem to keep happening to us. When we think good thoughts, good things seem to keep happening to us.

This last point is particularly relevant to me at The Contented Family Project because I personally resonate with it. When your brain is focusing on negative things, you will find more negativity. Luckily though, it works the other way around as well.

The girls loved the comic, even the 3 year old was engaged while we were reading it because it is interesting, engaging and colourful. The story keeps their attention which is essential because no matter how good the message is, if they kids are disengaged it would be lost.

As they were at the younger end of the spectrum we did need to discuss the concept a lot afterwards to aid their understanding. As expected the 7 year old was much more able to answer questions relating to the juicer and comprehend it fully by the end of the session.


I actually thought at the time that the 6 year old had missed some of the key messages because she kept talking about how fruit was healthy but later that night, when the 3 year old was having a tantrum she said,

“Gracie has put some bad fruit in her juicer.”

This was a eureka moment for me!

We have a LOT of tantrums in this house and as an adult it seems so difficult to understand at times. After reading it just once, my daughter was able to make the connection between thoughts, feelings and actions. Something I had been trying to get through to her for 6 years!


Also available free with the comic is an activity book. It includes simple tasks like word searches and colouring alongside thought provoking instructions where children are asked to think of their favourite memory or their dreams for the future. They are asked to visualise these images in detail. I know how important visualisation is in reaching goals, ask any successful athlete, but I had never thought to get my kids to do it before. After this exercise they all had learnt a valuable new skill and one we will be practicing lots more.

All the girls loved the activity book and it was flexible to their different needs. The activities would still be suitable for kids up to the end of primary in my opinion.

Part of the free bundle is an activity video presented by Simon Benn, the creator of Jack Cherry. The video was based on the workshops that he runs in schools and clubs. The children loved playing with him and were interacting by shouting out names of positive fruits and their favourite things. It was a great way to consolidate their learning.

We really need Jack Cherry in our house. I actually think that applying the principles will help me as well. I plan to read it to the children lots more times and continue to go through the concepts. I will remind them that they are in control of their thoughts and feelings.

My only word of caution would be to try and stick to the 7-11 age bracket as this is the age that is most suitable to the format and the messages.

Jack Cherry is complimentary to The Contented Family Project and I thank Simon Benn for the opportunity to review it.

Don’t forget this is available to download for free at the moment so don’t miss this opportunity to let Jack and his juicer help your family find contentment.

The contented Family offers one to one coaching and workshops to empower parents to take back control of their emotions. Stop reacting to your children’s behaviour or any other uncontrollable condition and learn practical mindful tools and techniques which you can use in the everyday madness of motherhood.

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  1. It’s good isnt it. I particularly like the concept of “putting the lid” on so people can’t put their rotten fruit in your juicer. Obviously easier said than done but im hoping practice makes perfect… For me and the kids 🙂

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