Why Family Walks Are Making Me Happy Again

I used to love walking, don’t get me wrong I was never an Everest sort of walker but I did have one of those stick things which means I must have been serious.


Walking before children


We used to have 2 dogs so this gave us the inspiration to get out every day regardless of how we felt. Cut to 6 years and 3 kids later, the dogs have gone and so have the sticks.

After a recent taster session with Fresh Air Fridays I was reminded how disconnected I have become from the environment around me. I could give you a million excuses why I don’t walk anymore, the problem is they are just that; excuses!

Today I asked myself if walking could contribute to The Contented Family Project?

Feeling inspired, I decided to get outside, and (un)fortunately for my kids, I dragged them kicking and screaming with me.

I would love to tell you that we practically danced up the mountain singing “The hills are alive” and feeling at one with each other and nature. Alas We are not in the Sound of Music and instead this happened…

11261407_10153148333217353_1366181959186872882_n (3)

I dont recall why the meltdown occurred and neither does my daughter. I took this picture because I just wanted to capture the reality of it all. Family life isnt always smiles, but thats ok.

I’m not sure if it was the fresh oxygen rich air or the picturesque view of the Welsh valleys. Maybe it was that I was in such a good mood before the meltdown begun, but somehow I stayed (relatively) calm.

I gathered myself, practiced some breathing exercises and after gently threatening to go home, the Von Trapp family were back on track.

12278947_10153148333212353_1024211312642716520_n (2)

We even managed a few Contented Family Moments along the way.

12239640_10153148334522353_558084881768964514_n (2).jpg

This walk was a reminder to me of what the Contented Family Project is all about. No it wasnt perfect but it had perfect moments woven between the cold hands, bruised knees and tears. It is these moments that matter.

If you’re not quite convinced it’s time to dust off the good old waterproof boots then check out my post; 5 reasons to walk with your children.


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  2. Walks are a great way to enjoy the simple pleasures in life! Your kids are so adorable, especially in the second picture! It’s funny how kids can go from screaming to laughing in a matter of minutes!

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