Facebook’s New Word App Made Me Angry! You will Be Surprised To Find Out Why!

Words are powerful. The language we use has an impact on how we view the world and how the world views us. Facebook knows this and has a new app that creates a pretty little word cloud using the vocabulary we use most often. We all know that what people choose to portray on social media isn’t always a true account of their experiences but nevertheless it offers a great opportunity for reflection.

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As someone who actively strives to have a positive outlook I was instantly struck by one word in my cloud that was the exact opposite; have you spotted it?


I was enraged! Anger?? Seriously? Me? I even tried aggressively pressing the Try Again button 3 times but all that did was rearrange the words and change the colour which infuriated me even more! The offensive word was still mocking me and no matter how small it was in amongst the names of my loved ones it was still there, making me feel, well… angry.


Once I had calmed down (requiring an intensive anger management course) I decided that this was actually a fabulous opportunity for me to reflect; why was I telling the world I was angry so often?

The truth is that I do get angry, we all do, and who can blame us, there are so many injustices in the world. The Middle Eastern conflict, council cut backs, government scandals, my kids not putting on their shoes after being asked 15 times… bloody hell, the more I think about all that crap the more furious I get!

And right there is the problem; the more we think about something the bigger it becomes!

The question that the Contented Family Project has forced me to ask is do I want to feel this way? The answer is obvious, no I don’t. So why on earth am I allowing the world to anger me so much? Nothing holds power over us unless we let it.


Yes there is so much in the world to be angry about but there is also so much joy. The more of us who choose to redirect our attention to the positive things the more positive things we will all find.

I’m not naïve and don’t believe the world problems would vanish if we all started to look at the flowers but it would be a great start.

The first thing we need to do though is watch our fecking language!

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