Top 7 Get Happy Quick Songs

Just recently I have noticed the power of music and its ability to completely shift my energy in either a positive or negative way. As the Contented Family Project is all about actively prioritising feel good emotions, in this post I will share with you my top 7 instant happy songs

This is not a list of my all time favourites; these are just the ones that never fail to lift me to a high mood. As part of the Contented Family Project I have started to use each of these to physically stop the momentum of negativity and every time it has worked without fail. That is not to say that an hour later I might not need another pick me up but even if something makes you happy for a short time it is valuable and could potentially change your whole day.

I have access to each of them on my phone so anytime I feel those unwanted feelings I can be proactive and get happy! Let me know your thoughts on these and any of your own…

Click on the pictures to hear the songs and get happy quick with me…

  1. Pharrell – Happy


So let’s start with the obvious. I heard Pharrell being interviewed at the time of this songs release. He was a completely different person to the one I had heard before. His change in attitude he explained was due to discovering gratitude!  Pharrell was inspired to share this new found sense of real happiness with the world; he certainly bought a lot of joy to me and my girls. We have danced ourselves around the kitchen many times declaring that that we “feel like a room without a roof!”  I must admit, I had to stop listening for a while because it was overplayed but I am starting to discover its magical powers again!

  1. Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

I am not the biggest Swift fan but this song, cheesy as it is, just does it for me. The words are absolutely brilliant. I have actually lost count of the amount of times I have actually quoted lyrics at my eldest daughter during a meltdown.

If you want to really want to laugh check out Wayne “The Rock” Johnson on Lip SYNC Battles. Possibly the funniest thing on the internet

  1. Lily Alan – LDN

Lily Alan is one of my favourite artists and most of her music lifts me up, in fact I could have filled this list with her music. I decided to pick this song because of the powerful message behind her genius lyrics, although they are quite dark, Lily helps us to remember that what we see is more about our perception of it than reality.  The only downside to this one is it’s not one the kids can sing with you, a few too many f**ks!

  1. Kate Nash – Dickhead

Now not many of you will know this one. It was an album track from Kate Nash – Made of Bricks. It also breaks the rules of positive thinking because it has some very angry lyrics which basically repeat the word “dickhead” over and over. The reason it’s in this list s it makes me laugh and laughing really does shift your energy. It is great to play when someone has really annoyed you, sing the words loudly (although not too loud if the kids are in ear shot) and then move on. I find it a great way of dealing with excess anger and dissolving the negativity. Give it a try, honestly its hilarious!

  1. Bob Marley – Three Little Birds

This is undoubtedly a beautiful song but it’s more than that. Sometimes we become so bogged down with the logistics of our worries. How are we going to pay that gas bill? Will the house ever sell? Will I ever get a job I enjoy? When we try to be positive about something that we have such residual negativity for it can be tough. Listening to this song just reminds me to simply have faith; every little thing WILL be alright.

  1. Beach Boys – Good Vibrations

This is a new one on my list; those of you that are regular readers will know how this song had a positive effect on me after it randomly came on the radio during a challenging car journey with the kids. When I listen to the words it reminds me that our emotions are like vibrations, I guess that’s why we say people give off good or bad vibes. When I listen to this song I automatically get good vibrations.

  1. The Levellers – What a Beautiful Day

This song holds a lot of positive memories for me. Yes it is a fabulously positive tune but it was also the music I heard as I walked out of the registry office with my husband on our wedding day. Think of your own songs that take your mind back to happy memories. When you think of these you will feel good, your energy will shift and you can continue to make more contented family moments to remember in the future.

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