Right… lets get contented!

I want my family to be happy and content, I want my children to live abundant lives where they are empowered to create their own future moment by moment. I want my home to be a peaceful, engaging and encouraging environment, I want family life to be fun! I would also quite like it to be tidy (although that might be asking too much)!

Despite really wanting these things, life doesn’t always feel this way. My life isn’t unhappy, far from it. I have three beautiful and healthy girls a committed and hard working husband, a successful and growing career, a warm home and plenty of friends and family for support….BUT I shout far more than I want to, my children argue, moan and fight and I am always exhausted. There are many moments when I find that I just cant hold back the tears.

Sometimes I cry because of sleep deprivation, sometimes I cry because of frustration, sometimes I cry because of an overwhelming feeling of failure. Sometimes I just cry.

Sadly, I know this is relatively normal, I would be lost without my mummy support network and my 2am reading of endless parenting blogs (one of my favourites being findingjoy; I highly recommend), but I started to ask myself, do I have to feel this way? Does adult life really have to be this hard?

So I started to look for answers, ideas and inspiration and there is certainly plenty of literature out there but what actually works for the average family like mine?

The Contented Family Project was therefore born out of my desire to allow happiness to flow into my life without limits. I plan on using various tips and advice and testing them out on my little guinea pigs. You are welcome to join me on this endeavour, please let me know what works for you (and indeed what really doesn’t).

This the beginning of an exciting journey, and like all adventures its not the final destination that matters but the beauty that can be found along the way!

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Me and my “happy” family


11 thoughts on “Right… lets get contented!

  1. Nice to be able to read a honest helpful blog.
    With you being one of my best friends I know the diligence humor and love you will put into this …. Cannot wait to read it ?

    • Thank you. The point is though is that I cant wait till they are older to be content. Yes small children and physically exhausting but parents of kids of all ages tell me that as they grow they just present different issues. If I keep waiting for them to reach a certain age I will never be truly happy. That goes for everything in life, wanting a new car, a big house etc… happiness should not be determined by the conditions in our life, it is a state of mind. This project is about me focusing on it actively and not just allowing what is going on around me happen and effect my mood. I am happy now so I don’t need them to get older! : )

      • I get what your saying, but at the moment they are 24/7 needing constant attention, which means it’s constant during the day and at through the night, resulting in lack of sleep. That means your never really living life to the full. When they get a bit older, they tend to look after themselves more, the eldest usually takes control, and they sleep through the night – a big difference! You then get more time for you.

  2. What a fantastic start to your blog, like I’ve said your free spirit and admire you as a person, your always positive very loving and always got good advice, don’t know what I’d do without you as a friend, looking forward to reading more xxx

    • Really lovely post Esther. The power of gratitude is amazing. Have you heard of the 365gratitude project a couple of my more recent posts are about how I am using it with my kids to help all of us make gratitude a part of daily life. We each upload daily pics to Instagram and its been an awesome experience.

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