Win a £50 Voucher To Spend With Sweet Whimsy Photography


I have had a break from blog writing over the past 2 months. With the summer holidays, work and a house move to deal with, something had to give. Now though, while the smell of fresh pencil cases is still in the air I am excited to get back to it, my brain is full of blog posts I haven’t had the time to write and I have some fantastic opportunities lined up for my readers, including this one; a £50 voucher with South Wales based, Sweet Whimsy photography.


I could not be happier to share this competition with you or genuinely think of a better ‘first day back’ blog to write. After having my own family photo shoot with Donna, the talent behind Sweet Whimsy, I know first hand what a gem this prize really is.


Sweet Whimsy photography doesn’t work from a studio so don’t expect any pictures of perfect smiling kids in front of a white background, instead Donna specialises in outdoor shoots, catching the natural magic of childhood with absolute ease.


We arranged to do our shoot in Pontypridd park at the end of June, at the time we organised  it the weather was scorching and we even talked about making sure we didn’t meet during the hottest part of the day (something I have to be especially aware of with two ginger kids and a platinum blonde one)! Of course in true British weather style the sun was the least of our worries, instead it rained, and rained and rained.


As an outdoor photographer in south Wales, I imagine Donna has come across this situation a lot and she was not phased. After all, If every time it rained she cancelled she wouldn’t have much of a business. Although, she did give me the opportunity to rearrange which I appreciated but declined.


We decided to make the best of it, in true Contented Family style, so instead of the weather raining on our parade we danced in it, climbed trees and (tried) to play poo sticks. These were all things that were on our #sweetsummerchallenge list that my family had created to encourage us to make the most of the small moments over the summer months.


As the rain came down, we got wet, the children laughed, played and danced. Donna and I chatted about the joys and challenges of motherhood while she effortlessly captured the day.


My 6-year-oldld loves the camera and made the most of knowing someone was there to take her picture, Donna was so discrete though that there were even moments that she forgot about the shoot and those are my favourite pictures. My 3-year-old, on the other hand, is very shy of adults she doesn’t know so the fact that Donna was able to make her feel comfortable enough to play freely was a huge accomplishment.


I had no intention of being in any pictures and so did not get myself ready with ‘picture perfect’ in mind,  but naturally, as the kids played they interacted with me and when Donna saw these tender moments she clicked away without me really noticing. Now obviously I didn’t like all of the pictures with me in but I am so glad she took them because she made me realise that I do want a photo shoot with the whole family (just next time I might put a bit of lippy on)!


so after having such a wonderful experience with fabulous photos to show for it, I am overjoyed to be able to give my readers the opportunity to win this great prize.


For your chance to win sign up to Donna’s mailing list here. It really is that simple.

Good luck.


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