Review – Messy Me Clutch Bag


I was recently asked to review the Messy Clutch bag from the Messy Me collection, a family owned UK based business.

There were a nice variety of products most of them were perfect for weaning, including mats to place under high chairs and high chair covers. I decided to go with the clutch bag, a stylish wipe clean bag designed to carry all nappy changing bits in one place.  I hoped it would be useful because I am always carrying around a big bag and yet can never find wet wipes or nappies when I need them. I went for the vintage floral pattern, as my youngest daughter is called Rose I thought it was appropriate.


When it arrived the first thing I was struck with was how soft the material is, the oil cloth is clearly high quality and the product is well made and easy to keep clean. It is the perfect size for a couple of nappies, a pack of wet wipes and nappy bags.

My only initial reservation was the side of the nappy changing mat as it is quite small and not really adequate for my one year old but it would be absolutely perfect for younger bums. It’s also quite thin and doesn’t provide any padding.


I have been using the Messy Me clutch bag now  for over a month and it has come in really useful, everywhere I go people have commented on how handy and durable it looks. It is great to have in my bag so I can easily put my hands on wet wipes and nappies in those everyday mothering emergencies; no more frantically searching  for wet wipes when my 3 year old is covered in chocolate and heading for the furniture.


As the month has gone on and I have used the changing mat more, my initial concerns of the size have proved irrelevant. It is still big enough to fit her bum on which is all you really need when you’re out and about. If it was any thicker then it wouldn’t be able to fit so neatly into the bag. I have used at friend’s houses, in the park, in the car, in playgroups, and even in places where public changing facilities are provided (I have put the mat on top of the changing areas, at least I know then it is clean).

The clutch bag has also proven big enough to put my phone and keys in. On those occasions when I am popping out and don’t want to carry my bag with the kitchen sink inside its useful just to grab and run, safe in the knowledge I have the essentials. I don’t use a buggy because I carry my baby in a carrier but if I did it would perfectly fit underneath.


I would definitely recommend the Messy Me clutch bag and think it’s a perfect buy when you have a new-born as you will get a lot of use out of it for the money.

Thank you Messy Me : )

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