Parent well-being Coaching

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Do you wonder when life as a parent became so stressful?

Do you ever feel like a failure as a parent?

Do you regret not being the parent you imagined you would be?

When you think about your day to day experience with your children do you feel;

  • On the edge?
  • Like a pressure cooker, ready to blow?
  • As if you are constantly shouting at the kids and feeling guilty?
  • Anxious about the parenting choices you make?

If this is you, rest assured, you are not alone.

Parenting can be a hard, exhausting and thankless job but I can help you to enjoy the journey more.

As a parent, you give everything you have to your children. With work, family and friends all taking a piece too there is often nothing left for you. 

By neglecting yourself, you are actually preventing yourself from living the life you deserve and being the Contented Parent your children deserve.

As a qualified coach with 6 years of experience working with families with kids of all ages, I currently have 2 packages available on my Contented 1-2-1 coaching sessions. 

In each package, I can help you by giving you the tools and techniques to create a Contented Family.  I am not a parenting coach, I will not tell you how to parent, in my opinion, there is already too much conflicting advice telling you the rights and wrongs of child rearing.  I strongly believe that when we become aligned with our true selves and learn to listen to our gut then we instinctively know the right decisions to make.

When we take care of ourselves and our own mental health we are stronger and more equipped to deal with the challenges our kids throw at us.

A major aspect to Contented Coaching is practicality. The bookshelves are packed with self-help books that claim to make you happy, but practically applying the strategies they suggest can be impossible in everyday family life. I know this because I have tried it myself.

Attempting to spend 15 minutes in the morning meditating and setting your intentions for the day is great in theory but not so easy when a 2-year-old wakes you up, an hour earlier than your alarm was set by sitting on your head.

Regardless of how much you want to feel grateful in this moment, you don’t.

Inspired by my own everyday challenges, I have created these Contented Family Coaching packages, each  one designed to fit individual needs.

How will you benefit from the Contented Coaching?

  • Learn practical tried and tested strategies that you can immediately action
  • Learn how to remain calm in the face of screaming children
  • Learn how to be kind to yourself
  • Learn to trust your instincts and reduce self-doubt
  • Improve your self-esteem, self-worth and sense of confidence as a parent
  • Reduce levels of stress and anxiety
  • Build resilience
  • Feel contented

You probably put untold pressure on yourself to be the perfect parent and to give your children the best. The truth is all your child needs is you. For that reason, you should take care of yourself and your own happiness so that your children will learn from the example you set for them.

  • Contented Coaching 6-week plan

Work with me over 6, hour long sessions and give yourself the time you need to be a happier and more content parent. We can arrange a time that fits in with your family life and talk through Skype, or over the phone, there is nothing holding you back.

This package is perfect for you if you feel you need strong  guidance and want to be able to get weekly 1-2-1 support.  It is particularly useful if you are going through a challenging time or have an event coming up that is making you anxious such as returning to work, a holiday or a house move. However any stressed out overwhelmed parent would benefit from these sessions.

You’re first no obligation Contented Consultation is completely FREE!

If you decide to purchase the package the additional sessions will cost £150 that’s just £30 per session.

  • Continuously Contented Club

Many of my clients worry about keeping up the practices that enable them to improve their well-being. They say the hardest thing isn’t starting to care for themselves but maintaining this new mindset.

In my Continuously Contented Club, you receive a 1-2-1 session every month and weekly emails packed full of tips and reminders to keep you on track.

The cost of membership is £25 per month with existing or previous clients can access this club with a 10% monthly discount. What makes this club unique is that you get the bespoke personal support that really makes change possible. Working with a coach enables you to stay focused and hold yourself accountable leading to more action and more contentment in your life.

What makes this club unique is that you get the bespoke personal support that really makes change possible. Working with me enables you to stay focused and hold yourself accountable leading to more action and more contentment in your life.

Remember your first session is completely FREE!

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During the consultation we will have the opportunity to discuss your needs and which package would suit you better.

Don’t forget, how you feel matters.